About Heather Collins

Green Party Gubernatorial Candidate

California Green Party Candidate Heather Collins is your pro-business, pro-environment, and pro-choice vaccine gubernatorial candidate. As a pro-business advocate and small business owner, she understands what it means to meet payroll and to keep people employed. She is committed to solving our homelessness crisis as your next Governor.


She owns her hair salon in West Los Angeles. She came to America from Northern Ireland when she was six years old.


Likewise, Heather is committed to protecting our environment through bi-partisan legislation to reduce wildfire, improve access to cleaner water, and promote California energy independence through responsible renewable energy production like wind power, solar, and geothermal.


Heather is a pro-choice advocate for reproductive woman rights. Heather has consistently challenged establishment politics leadership perpetrated by the Republican Party, Democrat Party, and Green Party.


Our environment is in serious trouble, and we need to do something about it. The good news is that there are lots of ways we can help out by reducing pollution and using renewable resources like solar panels and wind turbines. But the bad news is that our government has been slow to act on these problems.


We need a strong leader who will stand up for our environment against big polluters like oil companies. Heather Collins is just such a leader, because she's committed to protecting our air quality, water supply, natural resources and wildlife habitat from environmental harm while promoting responsible renewable energy production through legislation that supports wind power, solar power and geothermal energy development across California.


When it comes to reproductive rights, women are under attack. These attacks come from the courts and both sides of Congress.


The Republican Party has been trying for years to overturn Roe v Wade – a Supreme Court decision that ruled abortion legal – but have failed each time they've tried. In fact, some Republicans want to make abortions illegal even in cases of rape or incest!


Heather is a pro-choice advocate who will fight back against these attacks on women's reproductive rights by any means necessary. She will work with other organizers and activists to stop any laws that would limit access to abortion services or prevent women from accessing birth control methods like IUDs and hormonal implants.


Heather is voting YES on the recall and is asking for your vote for a greener California.


California Green Party Candidate Heather Collins, has stated the following:

“As your only Green Party woman candidate for California Governor on our ballot, I am asking for your vote. I'm asking for your vote to be your first Green Party Governor in America. I'm ready to be your newest Green Party official to take charge of our Green Party for a new start”

“It's unacceptable for our Green Party to have an official website that is outdated & not mobile ready in the year 2021. This is NOT by accident. As your Green Party Governor, I will take charge on day one to modernize our Green Party official websites to increase our memberships.”

“Top 7 reasons why I should be your next governor. I am asking for your vote for a more environmentally 1-cleaner, 2-sustainable, and 3-healthier state to 4-live, 5-work, go to 6-school, and just 7-breath. Vote Heather for Governor. Thank you for your vote for greener California.”

“I'm committed to addressing our homelessness pandemic crisis as a fellow Californian, mother, and with your vote, as your California's first woman governor to nurture a more compassionate, housed, and prosperous state for all. I'm asking for your vote for us all to be first!”

“With your vote, I will be California's first Green Party Governor, California's first woman Governor, California's first single mother Governor, California's first woman owned small-business owner, California's first woman immigrant Governor: with your vote, let's all be a first!”


More information can be found at her official campaign website at www.governorheather.com


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